Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the worst news.

I really didn't want to write something like this in a Facebook note, but I figured it was the easiest way to share it with a large number of people at once.

Today I had a doctor's appointment. Robert came with me, and we were going to a new doctor, who we both really REALLY like. According to the doctor's calculations, today I am nine weeks and five days pregnant. They did the normal pregnancy exam stuff, then an ultrasound. Robert and I both were super excited about this. The thing was, the fetus was really really tiny. Like way too tiny for an almost ten-week fetus. They called the doctor in, and he zoomed in on what measured to be a six-week fetus... with no heartbeat.

So, my very worst fears were confirmed, and we had a miscarriage. We are both heartbroken, but okay, thanks to the support of family and friends. I am grateful for all of your congratulations and wishes of love and support for our little one. Love shared is the greatest gift.

Alexis and Robert

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

they paved paradise...

I recently reconnected with an old high school friend (Facebook is a wonderful thing) who takes these amazing photographs of abandoned buildings. His work will be on display in the new and fantastic Midtown Scholar on 3rd and Verbeke starting tomorrow and running through January 31... if you have an opportunity to see it, DO. I wrote about it in my column this week as well.

I also encourage you to take some time on his website, abandonedamerica.org - the photographs are incredible. The most recent one features photos of The Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Philadelphia. It's absolutely breathtaking. The church was completely demolished earlier this month. Completely. As in not one brick or stone was salvaged - it all went into a landfill. There are some devastating photos of it here: http://phillychurchproject.blogspot.com/2009/11/end-has-come.html. There are dozens of photo galleries of all kinds of places - factories, churches, schools, asylums... all abandoned.

I wanted to share these images with you in the hopes that you will:
1. Visit the Midtown Scholar because it's fabulous
2. Check out Matt's exhibit because it's beautiful, sad and beautiful again
3. Take some time (when you have time - I know we're all busy people) to look at the photos on abandonedamerica.org. I am completely blown away by their beauty and the stark sadness that permeates each one - how the vines and earth grow over them, reclaiming the space, taking it back. I have always been fascinated by old places and the stories they tell and I am so proud of my old pal for "chasing the dragon" (his words) all over the country in search of these treasures, many of which were demolished not long after he visited them.